Honshū Wolves
Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Professional Status
Occupation Trackers, Hunters, Kekkaishi Companions
Base of Operations Mountains, Kekkaishi Clans
Personal Status
Technique High Sense of Smell
Human Partnership Capacity
Unique Individual Powers
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 001
Anime Episode 1, Scars

Honshū Wolves (ニホンオオカミ) were named for one of the Japanese islands they inhabited. In Japan, they are called Japanese Wolves (ニホンオオカミ(日本狼), Nihon Ōkami, Canis lupus hodophilax), Wolves (オオカミ(狼) Ōkami), or Yamainu (ヤマイヌ(豺、犲、山犬), "Mountain Dog"). Honshū wolves are an extinct subspecies of the Gray Wolf, the ancestor of the domestic dog. Both of these relationships are evident in the wolves' appearance: their natural forms more closely resemble dogs (and even treated as such by Kekkaishi) with wolfish characteristics, but their transformed Ayakashi forms are entirely wolf-like.

Honshū wolves largely survive on and strongly prefer deer meat,[1] a taste that apparently remains with them even should they become Ayakashi.[2] They will still, however, eat smaller Ayakashi when given the chance.[3]

Honshū wolves in the series are extremely intelligent and capable of human speech. For the most part, the wolves are extremely loyal to either their pack or their acknowledged master, and will fight even formidable enemies to defend this bond.


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