Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Age 400+
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Honetaro Trio
Previous Affiliation Kouya's Gang
Occupation Demon Prince (self-proclaimed)
Leader of Honetaro Trio
Previous Occupation 2nd in command of Kouya's Gang
Team Honetaro Trio
Previous Team Kouya's Gang
Partner Uhosuke, Nagao
Previous Partner Kouya
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique None
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 11, Kouya and Madarao
Japanese Satsuki Tsutsumi
English Cindy Robinson

Honetaro (骨太郎, Honetarō) is the leader of the Honetaro Trio, and along with Uhosuke and Nagao, was a follower of Kouya. Yoshimori Sumimura takes pity on Honetaro and his friends when Kouya abandons them, and spares them because they are too weak to be a serious threat.[1]



Honetaro has the attitude of a spoiled prince, but is very loyal to his comrades and would sacrifice himself to protect them. This trait is likely the reason that Uhosuke and Nagao choose to follow him. He has a strict personal code of honor that will not allow him to betray comrades[1], disobey his boss's orders[2], or be friendly with an enemy.[1] Honetaro has complete faith in Kouya as his boss, even after Kouya dismisses him.[2]


The Honetaro Trio (Honetaro, Uhosuke, and Nagao) was originally lead by Honetaro. After they met Kouya, he assumed command of the group, and Kouya's Gang would remain together for four hundred years. During this time, the group endured terrible treatment from Kouya, but they (and Honetaro especially) continued to follow him, awed by his power and convinced that he was the best boss ever.[2]


The Last Day of Kouya's Gang

Kouya's Gang attempts to conquer Karasumori, with the Honetaro Trio acting as decoys until Kouya finally emerges. Upon recognizing Madarao as his childhood friend Ginro,[3] Kouya abandons his gang and gives Madarao a chance to partner up again, but Madarao refuses. Kouya decides to take his hatred of humans out on Yoshimori, but wounds Uhosuke in the process, much to the shock of Honetaro. After taking off Madarao's collar so he can fight Kouya at full strength,[4] Yoshimori moves Uhosuke away from the battle so he can heal. Though Honetaro and Nagao are outraged at being pitied by an enemy, their concern for their friend convinces them to help Yoshimori.[5] Once Uhosuke recovers, the trio returns to the site of the battle to protect Kouya. However, Kouya orders them to leave him, which they do reluctantly, since his orders are absolute to them. Honetaro thanks Kouya for being a good boss.[6]


Fan: Rather than being a weapon, Honetaro uses his fan for posing.[1]
Smoke Bombs: Honetaro carries smoke bombs, but does not seem to use them effectively.[1]



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