Hiromu Tabata
Race Human
Age 14
Gender Male
Professional Status
Karasumori Middle School
Occupation Student
Karasumori Academy's Walking Databank
Partner Tomonori Ichigaya
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique None
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 2, Yoshimori and Tokine
Japanese Yuusuke Tezuka
English Bryce Papenbrook

Hiromu Tabata (田端ヒロム, Tabata Hiromu) is a student at the Karasumori Academy in the same class as Yoshimori. He loves collecting and sharing data on anyone and everyone, and Yoshimori often goes to Hiromu when suspicious of a person he is unfamiliar with. He prefers to call himself the "Information Wizard".[1]


Hiromu is fairly thin and has brown hair.


Hiromu spends most of his time recording rumors he hears in his notebook, and greatly enjoys sharing them with others (though sometimes for a price). He occasionally tries to get information on more elusive people (such as Tokine[2]) from Yoshimori, though usually fails.


  • Some of Hiromu's collected "facts" include:
    • Tokine is the ideal girl at Karasumori Academy, to the point where she has fans among the male teachers, and is also known as "the East's Enchantment."[2]
    • "Wild types" like Gen Shishio are popular in part because they're so rare, and Gen himself has a fan club among the high school girls.[3]
    • If Yoshimori yawns at school, there's a 98% chance that he'll fall asleep in class.
    • People who have imaginary friends, or those who talk to nothing as if they are talking to ghosts, should be left alone.[4]
    • Even if a person says they'll kill someone, 80-90% of the time they don't follow through (in response to Yoshimori saying he'll kill Gen).[5]


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