Higurashi (蜩) is the aide of Miki Hatori (and is never seen without her, in fact), and sometimes assists Night Troop's Transportation Unit. He uses his flight capability to support Hatori in combat, since her own "wings" are ill-suited for it.


He has a noticeably gloomy persona, and portions of his face are often shadowed in the manga.


Higurashi is both serious and quiet, rarely ever speaking during his infrequent appearances.


Higurashi appears briefly in the anime, shortly before the Night Troop is temporarily moved to Karasumori.[1]

Karasumori's Inspection

Masamori makes plans to meet Okuni at Karasumori for an inspection of the site, but an emergency at Night Troop Headquarters forces him to stay behind. Hatori goes in his place with Higurashi accompanying her.

Power & Abilities

Magical Wings: Higurashi is able to grow a pair of large wings from his body, and is strong enough to carry a comrade (usually Hatori) on his back. Yoshimori first mistakes this ability for an Ayakashi Majiri transformation, but then describes it as "some kind of magical force given substance."[2]


  • Higurashi's name (蜩) means "evening cicada"


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