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Hidagou Lord
Race Sym-gods.jpg True-God
Age N/A (Deceased)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hidagou
Previous Occupation Local God of Hidagou
Base of Operations Hidagou
Technique Bloody Rain
Weighted Space
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 195, Descent from the Heavens
Japanese N/A
English N/A

The unnamed local god of Hidagou (緋田郷の主) , after having his land badly damaged, launched an unprovoked attack on Karasumori in his grief. The Kekkaishi did their best to reason with him, but the god would not be swayed. Left with no other choice, Tokine Yukimura committed the gravest of sins and destroyed the mad deity.


An interesting fact about the deity is that it resembles a Buddhist with an umbrella when the god is calm. Otherwise he resembles a young child.


The Hidagou Lord comes to Karasumori after his own land is damaged, bringing with him a torrent of bloody rain. When Yoshimori attempts to destroy the god, Sen stops him, reminding him that there is a grave punishment for doing so. Though at first there appears to be no harmful impact, Sen realizes that that the god is gradually converting areas of Karasumori into his own territory, and Shu discovers a giant version of the god's umbrella hangs over the area, releasing the rain and threatening to sink the academy.[1] Yoshimori creates a large kekkai to cover and protect Karasumori, but any moves against the god, his territory, or the rain causes the attacker to feel an enormous weight pushing on them. Tokine attempts to destroy the umbrella, but it regenerates. It is determined that the god's umbrella controls the large umbrella in the sky, so Tokine steals it with nenshi. She sinks into the ground[2], so Yoshimori snatches the umbrella with nenshi. He suddenly realizes the god is crying tears of blood while asking for the umbrella, and calmly offers to give it back, but the god attacks, increasing the pressure on the entire area dramatically. Tokine creates a triple-layered kekkai around the god and destroys it, despite knowing the harsh punishment that would result from this action.[3] Later Yoshimori visits Hidagou with Mamezo to return the umbrella before the dimension can entirely disappear.


Umbrella: The god carried an umbrella with him, which acted as a focus for his Bloody Rain ability. The umbrella also has some great significance to the god, as he becomes inconsolable when it is taken away from him.

Powers & Abilities

Bloody Rain: An unending torrent of blood tears are released from the god's umbrella, with every drop gradually increasing the weight of anything and everything they hit. Karasumori Academy was badly damaged and almost completely destroyed.
Weighted Space: When the god designates an area of land as his own space, a great, invisible weight acts upon that space, forcing it to sink into the ground. Combined with the bloody rain, he could sink a very large area within just a few minutes.


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