Tokine at Hakuma's great tree

Hakuma (覇久魔) is the most powerful Shinyuuchi, and is the keystone of all the surrounding sacred grounds.[1]


The Sousui formerly lived in Hakuma as the King. His castle was located extremely close to Hakuma's center, where the land's god was sleeping. The castle's other occupants were his wife Suigetsu, various servants, potential puppet soldiers, and Majinaishi (the future Shinyuuchi Hunters were made up of the latter two). Without warning one day, tired of enduring his younger brother's betrayals, the King left abruptly, taking only his future body, Suigetsu, Haruka, Zero, and Sango with him. Since that time, the castle had been inhabited by the Shinyuuchi Hunters, until the Sousui returned to reclaim control of it and all those within.

Land Specifics

The entrances to Hakuma's other dimension are hidden within a series of tunnels beneath the Shadow Organization's main headquarters.[2] The centerpiece of the other world is a great tree, located outside of the Sousui's castle. Beneath this tree, Mahora has slept underground for hundreds of years.[3]

Guardian Deity

Mahora was the god of Hakuma. Hakuma's power is thought to be so great in part because Mahora is a deity of the highest quality. In addition, the land is also protected by The Gazer, a mysterious being who appears to act on Mahora's behalf.

Chushinmaru Karasumori was moved from the Karasumori site underneath Karasumori Academy with the help of Sumiko and Yoshimori Sumimura. Yoshimori created a Shinkai under Hakuma, made Chushinmaru a castle and many "residents," and Sumiko sealed the Shinkai from the inside.


  • In the word Hakuma, 'Ha' (覇) means hegemony or tyrant. 'Ku' (久) means long, and 'Ma' (魔) means magic or evil.


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