Kekkaishi Wiki:CharBox (Night Troop) Hakota (箱田) is a member of the Night Troop. His ability to see far off objects is often used, either to spot approaching enemies[1] or to assist in search and rescue missions. His mother often accompanies him.[2]


Hakota always wears a dark blue bodysuit and a brown paper bag over his head.


Hakota is respectful and polite (especially to his mother), and very much intimidated by the thought of entering highly dangerous situations. He nearly passes out when Masamori Sumimura informs him that he will be part of the group entering the rapidly collapsing dimension of Kokuboro (Yukimasa is then assigned to protect Hakota).[2] Hakota is so dependent on his mother's encouragement that he has a panic attack shortly after she leaves the apartment that he shares with the other Night Troop members.


Hakota and the rest of the Night Troop are deployed to Karasumori shortly after Gen's death, in order to prepare for Kokuboro's next mass attack. In the anime, Hakota, Makio, Todoroki, and Takemitsu also assist Tokine and Yoshimori in their nightly duties. After Yoshimori is taken hostage by Shion, Hakota is assigned to the rescue team (with Yukimasa as his protector). Knowing how dangerous the mission is, Hakota freaks out, and needs his mother's encouragement in order to participate.

Powers & Abilities

Thousand-Mile Eyes (千里眼): Hakota can see objects that are a great distance away from him, and often serves as a lookout for his comrades.



Main article: Yukimasa

Yukimasa is often assigned to act as Hakota's bodyguard, protecting him while Hakota uses his eyes to search. As a result, whenever Hakota feels particularly worried or frightened, he tends to hide behind Yukimasa and beg for his protection.


  • Although Hakota's power is sometimes translated as Clairvoyance in English, this is inaccurate. Hakota's power is entirely sight-based, while clairvoyance instead refers to information gained through means other than the human senses, which would include sight. As originally stated, Hakota's power is 千里眼, which directly translates to Thousand-mile eyes.


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