Gou Shishio (志々尾剛, Shishio Gou) is the oldest brother of Gen Shishio.[1]


Gou was a tall, muscular man with dark hair.[1]


Gou was entirely focused on becoming stronger. He greatly enjoyed beating up students who trained at his family's dojo, and especially his youngest brother Gen, who never fought back.[1]


It was typically Gou's idea to beat up Gen, though the other brothers were quick to join in. After Gen seriously injured the father of a local bully, Tetsusai Shishio ordered his sons to find Gen and bring him home. Though they captured Gen, instead of merely holding him, the brothers planned to drown him in a river for damaging the family name. Gen transformed and broke free, injuring and traumatizing his brothers, who from that point on considered him a monster.[1]


  • Gou's name (剛) means firm.


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