Gorou Ougi (扇五郎, Ougi Gorou) usually remained a part of his brother Ichirou Ougi's larger body, however, he was separated from him[1] in order to set a trap for the Night Troop. He ambushed a small group with a wounded, enraged Bear Deity, planning to frame them with the god's death.[2]



Gorou's exposed face

Likely due to the inhumane spell that combines their bodies, the six brothers that compose Ichirou's giant body are all disfigured in some way. Gorou's left eye is unusually pale and narrowed, and his hair, while dark and long, appears to be thinning.[1] When venturing out, he conceals his face beneath a hood and mask, and also wears an eyepatch over his left eye.[2]


Gorou seemed just as cruel and calculating as his older brother Ichirou.[2] That Ichirou was willing to separate solely to free Gorou implies that he had great faith in Gorou's ability to carry out his orders.[1]


Plotting Against the Night Troop

Gorou first appears as an individual when he briefly separates from his brother Ichirou's larger body in order to set a trap for members of the Night Troop. He attacks and captures the Bear Deity,[1] then drops it in front of Yukimasa's Team, who are in the area for a supposedly routine Ayakashi extermination. Already enraged by its capture, the bear attacks, and Yukimasa instructs his team to run while he holds it off. However, the bear is abruptly killed by the Catfish Deity, a second god-class creature that appears from nowhere. Gorou is surprised as well, but as he was already planning to frame the Night Troop for the first god's death, he attacks the catfish in order to drive it toward Yukimasa's team. In the following battle, Yukimasa manages to defeat the catfish, but of his five-person team, only he and Dai Yaegashi survive the encounter.[2]

Fall of the Ougi Brothers

Gorou returns to Ichirou's body after this point, and is therefore murdered along with his brothers Ichirou, Jirou, Saburou, and Shirou, by an assassin (soon revealed to in fact be their youngest brother Shichirou Ougi) before Masamori Sumimura can bring Ichirou to justice for his crimes against the Shadow Organization.[3]

Powers & Abilities

Wind Manipulation: Like his brothers, Gorou was a high-class wind manipulator, able to generate strong, slicing winds with minimal effort. In addition, he was able to forcibly subdue a Shinyuuchi god with no help.[1]


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