Second Goat Deity
Race Sym-gods God
Age 10+
Professional Status
Occupation Local God
Base of Operations Unnamed Land
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 184: Deity Slayer

While on her first and only assignment for The Shadow Organization, Sumiko Sumimura cut the Second Goat Deity from its mother's body, supposedly at its own request.[1]


The god resembled a newly born goat with a head of full, scraggly black hair. Like its mother, its face was hidden by an outer skull.[1]


Sumiko Sumimura accepted only one mission from the Shadow Organization: to calm the goat god of a land. Though she was only supposed to secure the area, Sumiko instead confronted and killed the god, much to her teammates' shock and upset. When asked why she had done this, Sumiko said that the god asked her to, and then cut it open, allowing the god's child to emerge. Sumiko announced that the child would become the land's new god, and seemed amused that it would ask her to kill its own mother.[1]


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