First Goat Deity
Race Sym-gods God
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Occupation God
Base of Operations Unnamed Land
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 184: Deity Slayer

The First Goat Deity (ヤギ,Goat) was killed by Sumiko Sumimura while on her first assignment for The Shadow Organization. She apparently did this at the request of the deity's offspring, which Sumiko cut from its mother's body.[1]


The god resembled a goat, but wore a goat skull with twisted, lengthy horns covering its head.


Some time before her son Toshimori was born, Sumiko Sumimura agreed to participate in her first and only assignment for the Shadow Organization. Though she was only supposed to seal off the area while her teammates calmed the god of a Shinyuuchi, Sumiko instead killed the god. She claimed to have done this at the god's request, and in order to avoid upsetting the natural balance, cut the god's child from its mother's body so that the land would still have a master. She later clarified her actions by saying it was actually the child that asked her to kill its mother, which she found amusing.[1]


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