Girl Kekkaishi
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Shadow Organization
Previous Occupation Sym-houin Kekkaishi (nontraditional)
Previous Team Shinyuuchi Hunters
Base of Operations Sousui's Cabin (former)
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Tenketsu
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 221

A young girl Kekkaishi that lost her life due to her role in the Shinyuuchi huntings.[1]


She had long, pale hair.[1]


Acceptable Losses

In the Sousui's cabin, Suigetsu mourns the death of the girl Kekkaishi. Souji Hiura soon arrives, having answered Suigetsu's summons. She informs him of the girl's death and asks him to cremate her, which Souji instantly agrees to do. Suigetsu regrets that the girl had to perform such an enormous task that cost her life, and dreads the thought of another young Kekkaishi being selected to replace her, especially since all she can do is watch. Souji suggests using a better Kekkaishi, but Suigetsu replies that the Sousui thinks it is easier to use a weaker one, and then enhance their power. However, she agrees that maybe if the Kekkaishi were stronger, they wouldn't die as easily or frequently. Souji asks her to leave the girl to him, and Suigetsu makes him promise to handle her carefully.[1]


Shakujō: She used a smaller version of the traditional Shakujō. The hole was pentagon-shaped and decorated with a triple leaf design at each corner.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Tenketsu: As Kekkaishi trained to participate in Shinyuuchi huntings appear to have no other skills, and there was a Shakujō at her bedside, it is very likely that she knew this as well.[1]


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