Race Ghost (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Base of Operations Karasumori Academy
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 36, What is Karasumori?

Gen-san is an elderly ghost that frequently tries to prune the trees at Karasumori Academy.[1]


He is an older man with a slightly curved white beard and a forelock on his head. He typically wears a kimono.[1]


Though normally mild-mannered, he is passionate about gardening and can be very imposing if kept from his work.[1]


Yoshimori has clearly had to chase Gen-san away in the past, as he is able to recognize him from a distance.[2] Yoshimori states that Gen-san used to live in his neighborhood, and assures Yurina Kanda that he's a good person.[3]


On her way to the school restroom, Yurina sees a haunting figure standing in the rear gardens. Though she is unsure, she suspects it is a ghost, and rushes to tell Yoshimori. They head to the roof for more privacy, and Yurina explains that she can't tell the difference between ghosts and normal people. She describes the ghost she saw earlier, and mentions she may have seen it more than once. She suddenly spots the ghost, and as soon as Yoshimori sees it, he rushes to the garden and confronts the ghost, who he calls by name. Gen-san greets Yoshimori warmly and explains that he wants to trim the trees. Yoshimori tries to convince him to leave, but Gen-san becomes greatly upset at the idea of leaving the trees in bad shape. Yoshimori manages to chase him off, and reassures Yurina that Gen-san is harmless. [4]


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