Exorcists (祓魔師, Futsumashi), much like Kekkaishi, exist primarily to destroy or seal away evil entities. There are several key differences in

Traditional exorcist gear

their overall styles, however. While both are able to destroy Ayakashi, exorcists are especially equipped to destroy and seal evil spirits. In general, exorcists defeat most threats through the use of giant stakes that they carry. These stakes serve as a focus for their spiritual power, and are used to generate protective barriers and destroy spirits with an explosion of power. With stronger spirits, exorcism becomes a double-edged sword: the exorcist must offer himself as bait, so that the spirit focuses on him and does not influence their surroundings. This establishes a connection between them, which allows the exorcist to attack with greater effectiveness, but also makes him more vulnerable to being manipulated and consumed by the spirit if his will is too weak.[1]

Known Exorcists


  • Both Kekkaishi and exorcists have their own version of the other's signature technique: Kekkaishi are able to exorcise demons and people[2] (through the use of talismans, and with far less explosive results), and exorcists can create barriers with their stakes.[3]


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