Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Professional Status
Affiliation Ryusenkyo (Homeland)
Occupation Flying Transport, Shinyuuchi Master
Personal Status
Technique Flight
Enormous Strength
Immense Spiritual Power
Unique Individual Powers
First Appearance

Dragons (龍, Ryū) are some of the rarest and most powerful Ayakashi in existence. At least some originated in the mystical land of Ryusenkyo, which is recognized as their home and known for producing people with extremely powerful Ayakashi blood.[1]

Dragons are among the largest and physically strongest Ayakashi,[2] so it is not unusual for them to simply swat away minor annoyances with a flick of their tails.[3] In addition, they also possess immense spiritual power, both of which make them extremely difficult to contain or control in any way. Some dragons also appear to have an elemental affinity that allows them to produce and manipulate that element freely, such as with water (Dragon Deity) or lightning (Tatsuki).


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