Cyclops Deity
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mount Okubi
Occupation Local God of Mount Okubi
Base of Operations Mount Okubi, Tohaki region
Technique Immense Durability
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 221, Fissures

The Cyclops Deity (サイクロプス神) is the local god of Mount Okubi, the central Shinyuuchi of the Tohaki region.[1]


The god is an enormous cyclops with shaggy hair, a mustache, and a seemingly hairless body.[1]


The Cyclops Deity goes on a rampage when his land is damaged, and a small army of warriors attempts to stop him. Though they are barely able to capture his head, it begins to break free just before the rest of the god's body arrives to continue the battle. Though the area was closed off, the god continued to rampage unchecked.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Immense Durability: The Cyclops Deity possesses incredible resistance to injury, even surviving many weapons being plunged directly into its eye, and apparently being beheaded.[1]


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