Lord Uro opens the path to his dimension

The Colorless Swamp (無色沼, Mushoku Numa) is a Shinyuuchi located on the outskirts of Karasumori, and is the home of Lord Uro.[1] Tokimori Hazama created a separate dimension and placed it in the swamp to serve as Lord Uro's new home, in exchange for ownership of the forest that became Karasumori. It should be noted that while the swamp is Lord Uro's home, he still owns the entire area surrounding Karasumori.


According to Hekian, the Colorless Swamp was once known as the Bottomless Swamp (Sokonashi Numa), though it is unknown why or when the name changed.[2]

Land Specifics

The entrance to Lord Uro's dimension is located within a lake deep in the swamp, and only he and his servant Mamezo can enter or exit freely. Within this dimension is a spherical barrier that serves as Lord Uro's bed, maintained by an ancient box. Every so often, the box cracks, and can only be repaired by a Kekkaishi of sufficient skill and power (so far, only Tokiko Yukimura and Yoshimori Sumimura are known to have done this).[3]

Guardian Deity

Lord Uro is a peaceful nature god that spends much of his time either eating or sleeping. He only seems to leave his swamp in order to have a Kekkaishi repair his home, and Mamezo acts as his representative otherwise. While he rarely interacts with humans, Lord Uro seems to share Tokimori Hazama's belief that the natural world should be preserved when supernatural forces are involved: Lord Uro consumes a great deal of food during his trips into civilization, but he always returns what he eats in some form. Lord Uro's territory originally included Karasumori, which was in fact at the center of his domain. However, he agreed to hand the land over to Hazama in exchange for a new home in the Colorless Swamp.


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