Chapter 055: Reward
Kanji 賞金首
Rōmaji Shōkin Kubi
English Reward
Other Information
Volume Volume 6
Release Date February 18, 2005
Episode Episode 23:In Pursuit of the Legitimate Heir
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura ; Yoshimori Sumimura; Gen Shishio; Hakubi; Madarao

Reward (賞金首, Shōkin Kubi) is the 55th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori tells Tokine about the bounty on Kekkaishi that Ookubiguruma mentioned. Hakubi says that Ayakashi have no need for money, so the bounty must offer some sort of power. Yoshimori is more concerned about who might offer such a bounty. As the Kekkaishi begin repairs to the school, Gen Shishio tries to leave. Both Yoshimori and Tokine insist that he help, but Gen refuses. Tokine grabs him to stop him from leaving, which visibly shocks Gen. He finally admits that repairs are impossible for him, because he only knows how to destroy. Gen leaves, and Yoshimori offers to go after him. Tokine decides to let Gen go, because he appeared hesitant, and she has hopes that he will be able to get along with them soon.

At school the next day, Yoshimori heads to the roof for a nap, but finds Gen in his spot. Gen silently moves over to give Yoshimori some space, but Yoshimori threatens to spit on him if he comes any closer. Gen abruptly transforms his hand, makes a huge slash mark in the roof, and tells Yoshimori to stay on his side of it. This only leaves Yoshimori with a little space, but Gen claims it to be about the size of a coffin. Yoshimori manages to talk Gen into a comprimise: he repairs the slash in the roof, in return for half of the roof space. Later, Yoshimori asks if it is safe for an Ayakashi Majiri to stay at Karasumori. Gen says he's been warned about it, and his wounds are fine. Yoshimori wishes he had a body like Gen's, noting it would be great to heal so fast. Gen disagrees, saying he never wanted his powers. Gen asks Yoshimori what he thinks about his powers. Yoshimori doesn't understand what he means, so Gen leaves, disappointed.

Within a castle, a woman complains to her servant Byaku of being bored. She tells him to hurry and give her Karasumori. She is annoyed that he has been spreading rumors about the land, and is concerned someone else may try to take it. Byaku is confident no one else would be able to handle the land's power, and that anyone making large movements would be quickly exposed. He promises to deliver Karasumori to her.

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