Chapter 051: Uninvited Guest
Kanji 招かれざる客
Rōmaji Manekarezaru Kyaku
English Uninvited Guest
Other Information
Volume Volume 6
Release Date February 18, 2005
Episode Episode 21:Gen Shishio the Heartless Transfer Student
Cover Characters Kurohime ; Masamori Sumimura; Gen Shishio

Uninvited Guest (招かれざる客, Manekarezaru Kyaku) is the 51st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


At Heisuke Matsudo's home, he discusses the new Ayakashi with Shigemori Sumimura. He suggests that because they would not be a full strength during the day, their top priority would be gathering information. Matsudo asks for a larger sample to study, and access to Karasumori, both of which Shigemori denies. Shigemori admits that Yoshimori was the one who actually faced the Ayakashi, and refuses to let Matsudo speak to him. Matsudo questions whether Yoshimori is ready to succeed Shigemori. Shigemori admits he has doubts, but insists that Yoshimori is an experienced fighter, and in addition, the Legitimate Successor can't die so easily in Karasumori. As Shigemori prepares to leave, Matsudo asks how Shuji is doing, noting that he used to enjoy mysterious things, but that it is probably better that Shuji not be around someone like himself.

At the Sumimura Home, Shuji Sumimura attempts to entertain a reluctant Gen Shishio until Shigemori returns. Toshimori sends a bird Shikigami to let his father know that he's staying at a friend's house. Shuji shows Gen a family photo album. Yoshimori returns from school and is greatly upset to find Gen in his house. Gen decides to leave, and Yoshimori yells at him to do so. Shuji yells at him for being rude to a friend. Shigemori returns and speaks with Gen. Gen admits he knows very little about the enemy, but the fact that only he was sent suggests that the situation is still in the early stages. Shigemori warns him that the Kekkaishi will not tolerate the Shadow Organization acting thoughtlessly. Gen leaves before dinner, and Shuji encourages Yoshimori to ask him to stay next time.

Gen changes clothes in his apartment, revealing a large, flame-like tattoo that circles his body.

As Yoshimori and Tokine head to Karasumori that night, they discuss Gen and decide to keep a close eye on him. They sense a large Ayakashi and rush to confront it, but Gen has already ripped it apart by the time they arrive. Yoshimori says that he shouldn't be acting on his own if he's their assistant. Gen responds by saying that the only Kekkaishi he knows (Masamori) is a master of techniques, and that Yoshimori and Tokine are not on his level.

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