Chapter 047: Research
Kanji 研究
Rōmaji Kenkyū
English Research
Other Information
Volume Volume 6
Release Date February 18, 2005
Episode Episode 20: The Omnious Spy
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; The Spy

Research (研究, Kenkyū) is the 47th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


The Spy attacks Yoshimori, who deflects his arm with a Kekkai. but the arm continues to stretch, ripping through Yoshimori's protective Kekkai. Yoshimori manages to dodge the blow, and the spy wonders if he is the type that improves in battle. The spy begins destroying everything in the area, allowing him to escape.

The spy escapes in the confusion, so Yoshimori gives up and heads back to the school. Along the way, Madarao returns, with a flying Ayakashi trapped in his mouth. Tokine is annoyed that Yoshimori ran off by himself, and together they examine the evidence: the spy's sunglasses, fake arm, and the Ayakashi that Madarao caught. they realize that the human disguise gives off a human scent and masks an Ayakashi's scent. Hakubi explains that the typical methods for Ayakshi to assume human shape are to either use illusions, or to develop one over time, which takes a great deal of effort. He determines that this must have been carefully planned, and that the spy was operating as part of a group with a complex strategy. Tokine is worried, because this means an Ayakashi could possibly enter the school without them knowing. Yoshimori is confused by this development, which causes Tokine to ask what else is bothering him. Yoshimori denies this, so Tokine accuses him of trying something dangerous, and challenges him to look her in the eye and deny it. Yoshimori eventually gives in and reveals his plan to seal off Karasumori. Tokine is furious, and Yoshimori tries to explain that he doesn't want anyone to get hurt. She realizes he only want to protect everyone. Tokine warns him that the plan is meaningless if he gets hurt in the process, and offers her help, even though Yoshimori doesn't want her in danger, either.

The spy eventually reaches a man named Byaku, who guesses he can no longer hold the human form. The spy offers to give his data to Byaku, but Byaku pulls a worm from the spy's head, absorbing it into his own eye and instantly learning everything. Byaku takes the human disguise, and reveals the drug he used on the spy was experimental, which is reponsible for the extensive damage. The spy collapses while Byaku walks away unconcerned.

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