Chapter 046: Observer
Kanji 監視者
Rōmaji Kanshisha
English Observer
Other Information
Volume Volume 6
Release Date February 18, 2005
Episode Episode 20: The Ominous Spy
Cover Characters The Spy

Observer ( 監視者 Kanshisha ) is the 46th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Looking at the mess left after Shirahago's defeat, Tokine assumes they will need help. Yoshimori demands an explanation for Tokine's multi-layer Kekkai, assuming she has been developing it in secret, which Tokine denies. Yoshimori becomes determined to develop a stronger attack, which amuses Tokine since his Kekkai are already stronger than hers. The Spy decides he has gathered enough data, and assumes the Kekkaishi pose no real threat. Suddenly, one of Tokine's Shikigami birds spots him, and he quickly destroys it with a whip-like extension from his arm. Yoshimori senses an evil aura, and Tokine confirms the Shikigami's destruction. Tokine explains that she sent out a Shikigami earlier because Hakubi smelled another intruder (in addition to the Shirahago triplets). Though the scent was originally human, Hakubi says it is changing now.

Realizing he has been located, The spy is about to flee when his human disguise begans to melt. This surprises him, as it was supposed to last longer, and he wonders if this is due to Karasumori's power. Yoshimori confronts the spy, who flees over the rooftops using his true arm, which can extend to great lengths. The spy escapes into the forest, but Yoshimori surrounds the entire section of the forest to trap him. The spy unleashes his arm's true power, ripping up several trees and tossing them at the Kekkai to break it down.

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