Chapter 045: Tokine's Arrow
Kanji 時音の矢
Rōmaji Tokine no Ya
English Tokine's Arrow
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 20: The Ominous Spy
Cover Characters The Spy; Yoshimori Sumimura; Shirahago; Tokine Yukimura; Hakubi

Tokine's Arrow ( 時音の矢 Tokine no Ya ) is the 45th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


The Spy is curious to see what the Kekkaishi will do now that they face Shirahago's overwhelming power. The owl takes to the air, releasing another rain of shards. Tokine is unable to maintain her Kekkai under the barrage, but Yoshimori protects them and himself with his own Kekkai. Tokine is shocked that Yoshimori's Kekkai are stronger than three of hers and able to withstand such an attack. Yoshimori suggests that they attack one the owl reforms itself and asks for her help. The Spy assumes the Kekkaishi will be defeated by the next attack, which is a pleasant surprise since he was only supposed to experiment, and could end up conquering Karasumori instead.

Tokine sticks a Kekkai onto the owl's head, which distracts it long enough for Yoshimori to destroy the entire head with a Kekkai. The Spy realizes that Tokine's accuracy combined with Yoshimori's power makes them a difficult team to beat. Tokine suspects that Yoshimori's Kekkai have become stronger. Yoshimori tells her that they should attack just after the owl begins to regenerate, but before it can completely reform. Yoshimori surrounds the owl's body with a Kekkai, but it begins to struggle. The Spy believes this tactic to be useless, since Tokine must almost be out of strength. Yoshimori asks Tokine how she makes a multi-layer Kekkai. Realizing there is no time to teach him, Tokine wishes she had the power to form the Kekkai herself, but then remembers her grandmother's words about finding her own technique. The shape of the shards gives her an idea, and she tells Yoshimori to focus on maintaining the Kekkai. Tokine creates long, thing Kekkai, using them like arrows to pierce the owl's body. Yoshimori is then able to destroy the owl.

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