Though Princess is recognized as Kokuboro's founder and leader, Byaku is the one that carries her whims and desires to the troops in the form of commands. Rarely anyone else has contact with Princess, and he has absolute authority to make her dreams a reality.

Has an oversized left eye, which has yet to show any special abilities besides gathering information from ayakashi that enter his body through it. Was thought to be an Ayakashi, but he is actually still a human. His wife is Risa Kagami.


Byaku is a master manipulator, and remains calm in almost any situation. Though he rarely fights, in all of Kokuboro, only Princess and Kaguro have no fear of him.

Powers & Abilities

Byaku employs literally thousands of various demon bugs to do his bidding.
Control Bugs: Placed inside the foreheads of many Kokuboro demons. Records events through their eyes and apparently exerts some control over their host's actions. Byaku reabsorbs these bugs (which resemble worms) through his left eye.
Camera Bugs: Records and sends signals back to Monitor Bugs.
Monitor Bugs: Displays whatever the Camera Bugs capture.
Transport Bugs: Gigantic bugs that can carry large numbers of demons into battle.
Announcer Bugs: Relays messages to all Kokuboro troops present.

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