Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Gender Both
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Largely Kokuboro
Occupation Parasites, Carnivores, Omnivores
Previous Team Largely Byaku's Swarm
Previous Partner Largely Byaku
Base of Operations Largely Kokuboro
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Proportionate Strength
Various Individual Powers
First Appearance

Bugs appear to be the most numerous class of Ayakashi. They come in a wide variety of species, with the smallest being normal-sized and the largest being massive enough to carry a large carriage for an extended period.

Physical strength varies by species, with larger bugs being naturally stronger than smaller ones. However, some species possess unique abilities that make them more dangerous, despite or in addition to their respective size.

Of all the different bugs, only two types are discussed in detail: kugutsu bugs (puppet bugs, also called kugutsuchu) and Ayakashi Insects.

Kugutsu bugs are tiny, parasitic arthropods. They have ten legs, segmented bodies, and a number of large mouthparts that are injected into the host's body. Kugutsu bugs, as their name suggests, have the ability to attach to a host and control their mind. Typically, kugutsu bugs prefer Ayakashi and use them as their main food source. However, they have also been shown to attach to and manipulate human ability users. Oddly, kugutsu bugs do not appear to instinctively know whether or not a host is suitable, which results in a trial and error search until a more fitting host is found. Despite this, they appear to be fairly intelligent, and will make full use of their current host's abilities to either lure in or forcefully capture a new host.

Ayakashi insects are also parasites, though they do not seem to require a physical connection to their human host; merely being in the host's possession appears to be enough. Unlike kugutsu bugs, insects do not seek out hosts on their own: instead, their eggs must be delivered to the host through other means. Once in a host's possession, the insect within the egg will grow according to the owner's "true" nature, and the insect's appearance upon hatching will be based on the host's appearance. Supposedly, the insect will show loyalty only to its host, though it is more likely that it's only loyalty is to either the parent insect who laid the egg, or whoever controls the parent. While in egg form, insects have the ability to communicate mentally with the host, which they use to manipulate the host. They lack the power to totally control the host by force as kugutsu bugs do, but can still effectively draw the host away from human contact, making them easy prey for further manipulation.


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