Black & White Ayakashi
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Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Shinyuuchi Hunters
Previous Partner The Accomplice
Personal Status
Technique Bomb Spheres
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 224 (manga only)
Japanese None

A twin pair of enormous black and white Ayakashi (白丸・黒丸), unleashed on Karasumori during the first assault of the Shinyuuchi Hunters.[1]


The Ayakashi are comparable to whales in size and appearance, though they both have pointed heads and diamond-shaped markings around their necks. Each has a mouth located at the tip of their head, and they swivel open (revealing three separate rows of sharp teeth) when attacking.[2]


Kakeru and Michiru observe Karasumori from above on a flying carpet. Their accomplice, a masked man with two huge black and white spheres, drops the spheres on Karasumori, almost directly on top of the Kekkaishi. Souji Hiura protects Tokine from the resulting crash, and the spheres transform into two enormous Ayakashi.[3] Souji launches himself at the white Ayakashi, but it opens up and releases several spheres, which explode on impact, driving Souji back. The black Ayakashi also begins to release spheres, and soon the area is full of them. Souji saves Yoshimori from the spheres twice, which only annoys Yoshimori. He orders Souji to defeat the white one, and chooses to focus on the black one himself.[4]

The two Ayakashi continue releasing bombs, even endangering Sen and Shu, who are watching from a nearby rooftop. Yoshimori places a Kekkai around the black Ayakashi's head, causing it to fire a volley of bombs. Yoshimori manages to maintain the Kekkai despite the explosion, causing the explosion to backfire and stun the Ayakashi. This allows Yoshimori to destroy the black Ayakashi's head, causing its body to collapse. Meanwhile, Souji asks Tokine for permission to use her Kekkai, which she agrees to, creating a pathway to the white Ayakashi's head. As the white Ayakashi opens its mouth to release more bombs, Tokine blocks the mouth with two crossed Kekkai spears. Souji enlarges his blade to massive size and cuts the white Ayakashi in half. However, he continues to hack away at the body until Tokine manages to get his attention.[5]

Powers & Abilities

Explosion balls

The white Ayakashi spitting bombs at Souji.

Bomb Spheres: Both Ayakashi release numerous bomb spheres that explode on impact.[6]


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