Bear Deity
Age (Deceased)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Unnamed Forest
Previous Occupation Local God
Base of Operations Unnamed Forest
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 184
Anime N/A

Gorou Ougi attacked and captured the Bear Deity (大熊, Large Bear) [1], purposely releasing it upon Night Troop members in the hopes of framing them for its death. In an unexpected turn of events, it was killed by the Catfish Deity, which then continued to attack the Night Troop.[2]


It greatly resembles a bear with dark fur, very long claws, a bone-like covering on its snout, and arrow-like markings on its chest.[2]


Windy Trap

Gorou Ougi wounds and captures the Bear Deity[1], then transports it to where a five-man squad from the Night Troop is searching a nearby area. The bear wakes up enraged along the way, and Gorou drops it in front of the squad and prepares an attack, planning to frame them for its murder. However, another god-class monster appears and kills the bear.[2]


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