Gen's full transformation

Ayakashi Majiri (妖混じり, integrated or mixed Ayakashi) are humans that are half Ayakashi, either through birth or other means. In nearly all cases, they have access to partial transformations (changing various body parts, which results in slight power increases) and full Ayakashi transformations (changing the entire body to that of an Ayakashi, with a very large increase in power). More often than not, Ayakashi Majiri either have powers separate from their transformations, or can use some aspects of their Ayakashi power while in human form. Unlike typical Ayakashi, sunlight has no impact on Ayakashi Majiri, so they are able to move about and use their powers during the day. Also, they are regarded as monsters and a scourge to human beings and treated as an outcast. Some fear their own power and hold it in and live as hermits. Others lose control and run wild killing everyone in his/her/its path until killed. Those under the Shadow Organization/Night Troops such as Gen Shishio, have been able to control their powers by extreme willpower and sheer training.

Known Ayakashi Majiri

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