Ogi mountain
Arashizaki Shrine (嵐座木神社, Arashizaki Jinja) (or Temple) is the former home of Lady Mayuka, and is under the protection of the Ougi Clan (provided directly by clan head Shichirou Ougi).

Land Specifics

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Lady Mayuka and Shichirou.

The shrine is located on top of a mountain behind the Ougi estate, the centerpiece of which is a sacred cherry tree (魍魎桜). The tree contains an entrance to another dimension in its trunk, and Lady Mayuka could often be found sitting on its branches with Shichirou Ougi.[1]

Guardian Deity

Lady Mayuka was the god of Arashizaki Shrine. Though her power appeared to have waned in recent years, she was still especially fearsome when upset, and called up violent winds without hesitation. She was killed by Shichirou, both to free his family from her, and so a new god could replace her.

Mahora was established as the new god of Arashizaki Shrine following Lady Mayuka's death. Originally the god of Hakuma, both Mahora and companion The Gazer agreed to move so that Chushinmaru Karasumori's final castle could be built in Hakuma.


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