Aihi's companion was a sickly man who attempted to befriend her some time before she joined Kokuboro. Though he eventually tricked her into living with him, she was released upon his death. Anime Only: It is implied by the crumpled state of the talismans (as well as a tear on one of them), that the talismans were removed from their position by someone other than Aihi, and thusly finally allowing her freedom. After her death, the sickly man is handed a flower of Aihi by his granddaughter. After seeing it, he knew it was hers. He then died in peace because she had finally "returned home".[1]


He is a skinny, pale man with dark hair.


Because of his poor health, his family didn't allow him to do anything strenuous. As a result, he often felt isolated and lonely, and particularly disliked being alone at night when he couldn't sleep. He appeared to have a certain fascination with Ayakashi (or at least Aihi in particular) and spellcasting. He was initially resigned to the fact that he was going to die soon, and dissatisfied enough with his life that he offered to let Aihi eat him.[2] He tricked Aihi into living with him so that he would no longer feel lonely. After the death of his older brother, who had just taken over the family, he devoted all his strength to living so he could take care of his family.[3]


Powers & Abilities

Talismans/Spellcasting: Though he claimed to be skilled at spellcasting (and even states that he does nothing else with his time, which should make him quite proficient), he is only ever seen using talismans. However, he did appear to be quite knowledgeable with them, and was clearly skilled, as he was able to safely venture out after dark repeatedly, despite Ayakashi inhabiting the area and his own poor health.[1]


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