Kokuunsai's castle

Aibasan (会羽山) is a sacred mountain (霊山, Reizan) and the home of Kokuunsai, a demon land lord.


Land Specifics

High above the mountain, hidden above a thick layer of clouds, is the castle of Kokuunsai, an ootengu (great tengu) demon and the mountain's land lord. The castle is so high that humans cannot reach it unless they are carried by a karasutengu (烏天狗, crow tengu), one of the ootengu's many servants.[1] Because Kokuunsai created much of the environment himself, it is especially sensitive to his moods, so the weather can change rapidly (and often violently) with little warning.[2] In fact, portions of the castle are destroyed every time that it appears.

Guardian Deity

Kokuunsai is an enormous ootengu (Yoshimori's head barely comes up to his ankle) that rules over the many karasutengu. Though he "gives birth" by dividing himself into a smaller body, thus creating his heir and ensuring his clan's continuance, he is quite perverted and has a weakness for pretty human women.[1]


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