22nd Legitimate Successors
Race 2 Humans, 2 Wolf Ayakashi
Age Yoshimori: 14-15
Tokine: 16-17
Active: 8 years
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Karasumori
Tokimori Hazama
Previous Occupation Kekkaishi & Hunting Wolves
Previous Team Tokine Yukimura & Hakubi, Yoshimori Sumimura & Madarao
Previous Partner Mikeno & Shimano (trainers)
Souji Hiura (assistant/recalled)
Sen Kagemiya & Shu Akitsu (support)
Takeshi Kongo (temp)
Gen Shishio (assistant/deceased)
Yurina Kanda (volunteer)
Tokiko Yukimura & Shigemori Sumimura (trainers/support)
Masamori Sumimura (senior)
Base of Operations Karasumori
Personal Status
Relatives Yukimura Family & Sumimura Family
Technique Hazama-Ryu Kekkaijutsu
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 001
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Yoshimori: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Madarao: Takeharu Onishi
Tokine: Rie Saitou
Hakubi: Masanori Ishii
English Yoshimori: Vic Mignogna
Madarao: Troy Baker
Tokine: Laura Bailey
Hakubi: Wally Wingert

Combat Strength

The 22nd Legitimate Successors repeatedly prove themselves to be a very difficult team to defeat. Yoshimori's raw, overwhelming power, combined with Tokine's sharpened mind and skills, make for an often unpredictable duo. Between Madarao and Hakubi, the two teenagers have nearly a millennium's worth of experience hunting Ayakashi to draw upon as needed.

Though Yoshimori has a habit of charging in without giving situations much thought, his doing so allows Tokine to see the full range of the enemy's abilities, enabling her to come up with a winning strategy. While Tokine's own strength and stamina do not compare to Yoshimori's, she nevertheless has a more expansive knowledge on the various applications of Kekkaijutsu, and typically guides him to use his power in the most effective way.


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